The story of Us.

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What makes this place special is Jane.


There are few chefs on the planet who can claim that they have worked at the world's best restaurant. Jane is one of those chefs.

While at El Bulli in the Catalan region of Spain, Jane was exposed to the highest level of culinary achievement and surrounded by the molecular aspects of modern cuisine.


So… Who is Juanita?

Jane - Her nickname while working at El Bulli was Juanita, which is a close Spanish translation of her name.

When thinking about what she wanted to accomplish in this new space, she envisioned the high level of cooking experienced in Spain, mixed with the approachability and honesty of the comfort food she loves to cook.

The Juanita menu does not scream of fine dining, but when you join us for an Eggs Benedict, a Reuben Sandwich or a hand made pasta, you will taste the care and attention paid to each element on your plate--from the sourcing of great ingredients to the preparation, to when it arrives in front of you.

Our Commitment to You:

Our mission is to serve as a hub in the Kistilano community by facilitating experiences of joy, human connection and pleasure--this is our ultimate privilege.

Whether part of your daily routine or for special occasions,  we welcome guests from all walks of life to the safety and warmth of our inviting space to enjoy our familiar yet elevated menu and our genuine hospitality.

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